It's time to meet your ancestors

Your Family Tree Website

We can set up a family tree website for you to enjoy watching grow, especially as new members come along, both new and ancient!

The front page of the tree is like this:-

Click on the picture to expand.

You get the following information on the site:-

See the dropdowns on picture, and then find out what they are below on the legend.

A= Your family trees. Your family can choose which one they which to peruse.

B= Various charts and different ways to look at the tree/s on your site.

C= The different families and other information that has been entered on your tree/s.

D= Anniversary Calendar. Here you can what happened to who on a specific date.

E= Various reports and information that can be downloaded by your extended family.

F= Clippings. This is where extracts can be taken of the tree in gedcom form

G= Search your site for individuals, sourses, notes etc.

H= Help. 

Once they have decided this is their tree and join, you can then invite them to your family community.

Don’t forget to add those you already know and those new ones, no matter where they are in the world.

You will be able to chat, use blogs for family stories, upload pictures and videos, a calendar for important dates, or even to arrange small reunions or first time meetings!

And the rest will be, as they say, history!

The package for the tree includes :- A tree in which we will update all your information to, and the the community for which we will send you the link, one years free webspace, the name. All this for just £150.

This can be paid in six payments of £30 over six months.
Or you can even purchase part or all of it as a gift for someone who is researching the family tree!

After the first year the webspace will depend on how much use your tree gets and will vary from £15 to £35 per annum, however, we tend to find the majority of family tree sites are normally £15.

We do not build the tree until we have done the research, however, if you already have a tree, then please contact us and we will be happy to do the same for you.

NB. Due to the way we develop your website, there are no hidden charges as you have complete control over them and they are accessible from anywhere in the world on any computer. We do have one client who only ever accesses the internet from his local library! No special tools etc are required whatsoever to run your website. If you feel a little nervous to begin with, tutorial can be given for a small fee.