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Research Packages

There are several different ways that we can carry out your family tree research for you, through a package from a basic search to a complete search, by the hour or start off with a basic search and add more to it when you are ready. Then you could do it be the generation, or just follow one branch at a time.

Sometimes we hit a wall when doing research and it is at these time we will inform you as to the problem, however, it can sometime be resolved with a BMD certificate, in which case we will offer you a discount on the prices of the certificates below if we feel it will help in our success for you.

Finally whichever package you choose we are sure we have the package to suit you.



This is just a quick basic 2 hours research from whichever point you wish us to start at. If you are pleased with the results and wish to take it further via a package then there will be a discount of £15 on the package for the work we have done.


If you wish to carry on the research on a pay as you go system it will be £12.50 per hour. If we get to a point where you wish to take out a package, then we will subtract a discount for the work we have done.


For the following packages we ask for a deposit in most instances of 40% and a further 3 payments of 20% for those packages over £400 +

For those less than £400+ we ask for a deposit of 50% and the rest on completion.

Please note we include your parents, in all packages for free, as well as a hardbacked binder and a hard back BMD certificate ring binder of the same colour, with each package, there may be more than one of each  if the end presentation requires it.


If you require  BMD certificates, there is a charge* for each one, also we  include all this.


The following research packages will take between 1 to 6 months to complete.


A basic generation search, namely grandparents and greatgrandparents. £100*

Rowan Plus

Rowan plus siblings and their descendants. £175*


Next Generation, Rowan plus next generation. £200*

Ash Plus

Ash plus siblings and descendants. £350*


All generations back to the first census in 1841. £450*

Yew Plus

Yew plus siblings and their descendants. £600*

The following trees will take longer. This is due to the fact we may need to look at foreign sites, especially once we hit the 1000’s! Please be patient with us. We will keep you up to date on all our work and, if you wish, we can break the payments down to more manageable amounts on a monthly basis.


All generations as far back as we can go on all branches. £1000*

Gold Oak

All generations as far back as we can go with siblings. £2,500*

Platinum Oak

The ultimate tree! All generations, their siblings and their descendants as far back as we can go! £10,000*


BMD Certificates :-

1 to 12            £13.50 per certificate

13 to 24         £13.00 per certificate

25 to 51         £12.50 per certificate

52 to 99        £12.00 per certificate

100 to 201     £11.50  per certificate

202 +            £11.00  per certificate