It's time to meet your ancestors


We offer different packages and services. You can either choose a complete package, or go at your own pace.(Pay As You Go)

When a family tree is being researched it can take many different roads for example, going back only one generation to your grandparents, and by including their siblings, can lead to, brothers sisters, cousins, aunties and uncles and these can number up to as many as, in one case, complete with divorces and step parents and step siblings and half siblings etc, 6 grandparents, 4 parents, 20 aunties and uncles, and 25 cousins!

Take it another step further back, and interestingly the divorces are not so many but the tree keeps growing.

Then perhaps the concentration may then be on one line, you would again have to consider if siblings would be researched too.

There are many twists and turns to a family tree and you can determine which ones you want to take first, leaving others to be returned to later.

A lesson learnt whilst researching is, do not always rely on the internet, get out there and do some hard old fashioned research. Why? Well on the net, people join a site and then they presume that the information that others have found is the correct information,  in one instance with a clients great, great, grandfather, the information was conflicting on different research sites, after phoning around some records offices in the area we discovered him, and his baptismal records, and it  turned out he was illegitimate.  

And that is what is so important, the hard proof, photographs of tombstones and parish records are a good thing and can even show you where names have changed spellings and confusions have occurred.

In some cases we can get an expert in another area to do the ‘leg work’ for us, and this will help to keep costs down, but it also means you can decide as to when this happens.

Examples of some of the services on offer:-

  • Three*, Five*, Seven* generation research
  • More than three generation research
  • With or without siblings added
  • With or without certificates
  • With or without binders to keep the information in
  • Copies via paper or disc
  • Photographic evidence
  • Visits to historical records offices
  • Your own personal website complete with community

Just to mention a few!

So take a look at my research prices now, discuss with your family how you want to go about the research and, well, as the saying goes, the rest will be history!

*This starts at your grandparents. Unless you have no information about them. See here for more information