It's time to meet your ancestors

What does a family tree consist of?

This will depend on how you approach the research, whether it is Pay As You Go or one of the complete packages, (NB these can be added too at later dates with either a personal package or PAYG).

In general any, or all, of the following can be incorporated into your family tree:-

1. Pedigree Chart

This is the usual format for a family tree, allowing you to read from left to right, however, due to the size printers we tend to use, this is normally published page by page thus we can put on 2 to 6 generations per page, however, 4 is probably the best ratio. We can also print this in poster form making it easier to read and is kept safe in a tube.


2. Ancestor Report

This is the report of an individual’s ancestors, only those who have been researched on the tree will show of course! 

3. Family Group Sheet

This will show who married whom, when, where and how many children they had, and, should the person have remarried, will show the second spouse and issue of that marriage too. 

4. Individual Report

This is a great way to show more information about an individual in your tree, in some cases photos might be found, or if you have the photos, we can scan them and add them to the report for you.

5. The Census Report.

For many people born after 1911 there can be some difficulty in finding full family members etc, however, thanks to the Census report from 1841 to 1911, this is made easier, it is just a case though of making sure you are investigating the right family, and a lot of cross-referencing is advised! Having said that though, it gives you addresses, family members work that they were doing at the time, and of course, the ages of the members of the members of the families, and sometimes, where a member was on that particular day, for instance you might find that someone was actually in a boarding school!

6. BMD – Birth, Death and Marriage records

We can find the records, of which below is a sample. However, if you wish to have a copy of the actual certificate, you will need to notify us as this will cost extra. Please see here for more information.

There is also:-

7. Marriage Report

Printed in alphabetical order by surname, it shows a list of all your ancestors and whom they married. It gives husband’s name then wife’s name, date of marriage (if known) and whether it is ongoing, widowed, or divorced.

8. Extended Family Chart

This reads from bottom to top, and incorporates all individuals within the family tree, dates can be added if needed. This can be printed in poster form so that it is all on one piece for paper, kept safe in a tube, making it easy to read and follow.

9. Timeline

To make your family tree exciting for the younger members we can provide a timeline, showing what was happening historically in the world at the time your ancestor was alive.

10. Ahnentafel Report

This is a German word that means “ancestor table”. If your tree grows bigger than you expected, then you can pick an individual from it at any level or branch, and this will show their direct line of ancestors.

11. Descendant Report

Similiar to the Ahnentafel Report, but descending straight down to the chosen descendant, probably yourself or a child in the family.

12. Place Usage Report

This is a wonderful report that is in alphabetical order of all the places that your ancestors have ever lived.